Beronal   (Beauty elements of remarkable organic, natural and affective life)

It is one of the brands of Gppw Group, a holding company in Switzerland.

The work of Gppw group started in 2006 in the field of plant nutrition with the aim of producing natural and organic agricultural products, some of which are used for the consumption and production of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

In order to convert quality and organic agricultural products into cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals and cooperation with manufacturing companies in this industry, Beronal  has effective activities in this field and for these industries, exclusively, based on the needs of society and the market of goods and products,   It also has considered different categories and sections  .


Beronal has the largest and best production network system that is available to all customers from anywhere and in any country to order and produce its goods and products from any production line.

Beronal has the largest and best sales network for marketing and selling its products and goods anywhere in any country of the world, and experts from anywhere in the world can make money without having to be hired by the company or invest.


Our mission

 Having a healthy, fresh and beautiful body for all age groups throughout life and for all members of society in the world


Our vision 

Health and beauty to all people in this beautiful world


Product Categories: