GPPW Group (Generate peace and pleasure in the world) is a Swiss holding company founded in 2006 by Dr. Mohammad Hosseini from the agricultural industry. All plants and trees require this nutrient to survive and thrive. The company created the brand CELWAS to produce healthy, high-quality products, harvest more products, and increase the quality of agricultural products used in other food industries. Furthermore, GPPW GROUP uses natural, organic, and high-quality agricultural products to produce cosmetic, hygienic, and pharmaceutical products under the BERONAL name using natural, organic, and healthy products.
GPPW Academy offers training in all of these industries and other management areas essential for growth and advancement.
GPPW GROUP has the biggest and best production network system and is available to anyone anywhere in the world to order and produce goods from any GPPW brand.
The company also has the best and most extensive distribution network that allows professionals to earn money from anywhere globally without being employed by the company or investing in any of the brands.

Our goal

We strive to update our world with different goods, new and efficient products to meet the needs of all society members and create a happy and healthy world.


Our vision

We want to be active in all parts of the world and create value for all people.